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An enlightened brand differentiates your business, builds awareness and trust, and assures the market of your quality. BigDoor can assist your brand in achieving enlightenment.

BigDoor has developed a groundbreaking approach paving the road to Enlightenment
To achieve Enlightenment in Branding and Communication, one must follow a definitive process based on sound STRATEGY, creative DESIGN and active INVOLVEMENT. These are the foundations BigDoor Brand Design and Communication are built on.


In our approach we put a lot of emphasis on preparation and research. We get to know every aspect of your company and your product. This helps us reach a clear understanding of your customers, your competition and the industry you’re in. With this in mind, we can plan an integrated campaign that will bring your brand to life.


Just like our motto states: The light is on design. Creativity is the lens with which we look at your brand. We use our creativity to bring the best out of the brand by paying special attention to innovation and authenticity. Our design solutions are uniquely put together to create a synergy and brand awareness that will empower your brand in the marketplace.


At BigDoor we believe that everyone involved with the brand should be integrated into the campaign. We encourage you to be intellectually and emotionally involved in your brand and champion it where ever you go. We believe that a better reputation in the marketplace and an improved bottom line starts from within. True involvement lies with striking the perfect balance between the brand vision you have and the brand vision your clients have.
The ability to intrigue and captivate an audience and then to successfully engage them lies with exhibiting the brand’s compelling truths. With BigDoor’s approach you will achieve not only this but with perfect execution any cynicism existing in the marketplace will be conquered.
BigDoor is the ultimate business tool you’ll need to become a living brand.

“The light is on design, creating living brands”

BigDoor offers a full scope of Integrated Branding,

Integrated branding • Strategic marketing • Brand design • Graphic design • Communication services

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